Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Made Skewers

The Madeley's are still on Paleo…it is a love-hate relationship for me but we are making it.  I might add, it is NOT without the strong cravings for sweets and a more than occasional "cheat" to satisfy that craving.  Meal-planning continues to demand additional thought and creativity so we are not just eating grilled chicken and roasted vegetables every night.  B is much appreciative as this week I have heart twice at the dinner table, "can we have this every week?".  So sweet!  Great recipe finds on Pinterest allows me to mix it up a bit.  In an effort to catch up on the past weeks cooking, I will begin with making Mushroom Skewers & Grilled Pesto Shrimp.  I altered both of the recipes according to what I had around the house and preferred.  

Grilled Pesto Shrimp
Feel free to whip up your own pesto according to your taste buds.  I have played around with generic basil pesto and paleo pesto several times and both are fabulous!  This go around I went to Central Market for basil pesto : )

1 lb. local, medium shrimp
1/2 cup basil pesto
Wooden or metal skewers, whichever you have handy

If using wooden skewers, soak the skewers for at least 2 hours to avoid flames when they hit the grill.  Marinate the shrimp in pesto at least 2 hours prior to skewering.  

Once marinated, skewer shrimp on each skewer.  I filled the skewers but feel free to spread out and use more skewers.  

On a preheated hot grill, sear each skewer for 2 minutes each side until shrimp turn opaque and are firm to the touch.  

This was SUPER easy, especially if you purchase pesto vs. making from scratch…but then you are missing out on the fun.  This would be a GREAT summer appetizer or served alongside a steak dinner.  

Mushroom Skewers
These are fabulous and easier than the shrimp.  Slice mushrooms, marinate, skewer, grill, eat.

1 tbsp. olive oil
2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
1 tsp. dried oregano
8 oz. baby portobello mushrooms, halved lengthwise

Whisk the olive oil through oregano together in a medium bowl.

Add the halved mushrooms and toss well to coat.  Marinate for 30 minutes.

Preheat grill.  Thread the mushrooms onto presoaked skewers.  Grill for 5 minutes on each side.

Grilling in the summer is somewhat steamy due the the 5:00 Texas heat but these skewer options are worth it!

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